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"The Art of Massage has been a great benefit to patients in my practice for many reasons. She is a knowledgeable, caring and professional therapist. She takes pleasure in what she does, which comes thru in her work. She has gone above and beyond what most therapist do to understand the necessary components to have a positive and long-lasting treatment. I am a local chiropractor who emphasizes spinal/postural correction. I have found that patient who are under her care, have far better outcomes because of a blend of both types of treatments. Her work is a great complement to what we do. I utilize several kinds of techniques including AK, Pierce-Stillwagon, Thompson Drop, CBP, Activator, SOT, Cranial Therapy, Logan Basic, Cox flexion/distraction and NET. I use thermography, digital motion x-rays and have 4 cold lasers that I use routinely. I am currently seeking a Diplomat of Nutrition. I sit on the Pinellas Chiropractic County Society board and have been recently elected to be president. I have had the privilege of being around good therapist of all kinds. All that, to say, I highly recommend Leta. She's Great!"

Dr. Steven Wyckoff D.C

"The Art of Massage is a very unique in many ways! I appreciate that they specialize in deep tissue, that is truly deep tissue!, and you are on the table for the full 60 minutes you pay for, most places charge for a full hour and only have "hands on" for 45 or 50 some times even less! Peaceful and comfortable atmosphere and excellent punctuality. I will continue to visit Art of Massage!

Leta and Paola have greatly improved the quality of my life. After more than a year of chronic neck, upper back, hip and hamstring pain I discovered Leta at Art of Massage in Gulfport, Florida. All I was expecting on my first visit was a massage, but got a thorough structural and postural evaluation in addition to massage targeting my pain. Her evaluation and massage revealed that I had structural issues that required intervention beyond massage work. Working in cooperation with a local chiropractor, and with input from an orthopedic surgeon and in consultation with a highly regarded neurosomatic massage therapy specialist, Leta helped uncover the fact that a 40 year old severe knee injury was not properly repaired and that I was left with a 20+ millimeter leg length inequality, all of which were contributing to my pain. Though I've seen many doctors over the years, none has ever evaluated my obviously disfiguring leg injury. It was Leta's evaluation, guidance, and skillfully targeted massage that have brought me from being in constant pain, to being nearly pain free. I consider both Leta and Paola to be trusted health care professionals who have contributed immeasurably to my well-being. Certainly not everyone requires that level of intervention, but it is comforting to know that you are in good hands with Leta and Paola. It has always been obvious that they love what they do, that they continue to study and learn, and that they care about me.

I am so lucky to have been referred to this Gulfport treasure!! I have been using Leta for three sessions now and she has helped me feel better than I have in months! I was first referred by a local chiropractor after searching for a good therapist/client fit for over a year. As a current Massage Instructor and Therapist, I tend to be very selective and specific with my choice in practitioners. Leta is thorough, knowledgeable and professional and most of all confident in her techniques, an attribute that only comes with many years of successful experience. I recommend Leta and her staff at the Art of Massage to anyone in the Gulfport and surrounding St. Petersburg area looking for a great bodywork session!"

Jeremy Couture, LMT

"I have a painful shoulder injury caused by a mix of poor body alignment (horrid posture) and a crazy desire to lift heavy weights and perform other random acts of extreme athleticism. I needed someone who was as dedicated to relieving my pain as I seem to be at inflicting my pain. Answer - Leta!! I went to The Art of Massage because I had tried so many places without result and figured that, at the least- I would get a relaxing massage. The other reviews describe the process Leta uses so I won't repeat - what I will repeat is that her skills are amazing. Because of her thorough examination, she learned of a back pain I've lived with for over 10 years - a pain that I wasn't expecting her to do anything about ... after all, I had already tried everything there was. Her primary focus was my chief complaint- my shoulder. After just a few sessions, my 10 year back pain is gone. Not just better - gone. The shoulder? She is working to not only effectively relieve the pain of this injury but to address the inefficiencies of my posture to help me prevent this type of injury. Thanks Leta!"

Kelly G.

"I am really grateful to have found Art of Massage. I used to do Olympic weightlifting, and had to stop due to an accident-related injury. When I got back into weight training, nothing seemed to go right - I was not regaining strength or ...MoreI am really grateful to have found Art of Massage. I used to do Olympic weightlifting, and had to stop due to an accident-related injury. When I got back into weight training, nothing seemed to go right - I was not regaining strength or functionality at all...I sought treatment and was told that I should also be getting massages to help with some of my soft-tissue issues. After trying multiple people, I found Michelle at the Art of Massage. I have been very happy with the care I've received - I have been seeing Michelle weekly for a couple of months and I have experienced significant improvement. She assesses my posture each session and uses that information to put together a very thoughtful and thorough treatment approach. She always checks in with me and makes sure to address any of my concerns (verbally and through treatment) in each session. On multiple occasions I have showed up for a session to find Michelle waiting with information she gathered in her free time just to help me out (a sheet of exercises, stretches she recommends to help my body heal faster, etc). That alone speaks volumes - the care you receive here is genuine, and it shows. I would highly recommend this place!"

Pria N.

"Leta is awesome. She is a deep tissue pain specialist. She knows her stuff and fully explains things to you. Very friendly and professional. Worth every penny."

Rebecca M

"I have been coming to Leta since about 2013 and she has provided the best structural massages I have ever had!! I came to her with shoulder and lower back issues that I've had for almost 11 years now, and I'm definitely seeing an improvement in my pain levels! Leta and her staff are super kind and accommodating while also providing a calm and relaxing atmosphere."

Shelby S

"I had a wonderful massage with Jeanne last week. She's very intuitive, and has an amazing touch. I left the beautiful studio feeling transported!"

James M

"Leta is the best. She has made a dramatic improvement in my quality of life. I don't think I'd be walking around and able to do much without her excellent pain mitigation therapy. I highly recommend her and her business to anyone who wants to feel better."

Greg K

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