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Athletic Structural Massage

"I started CrossFit three years ago and loved the program and the atmosphere. However, it soon highlighted some structural and muscular weaknesses I had. I found Leta through another CrossFit9 member and have never looked back. She has allowed me to continue working out at a high intensity while at the same time improving my quality of health in my everyday life. I feel so much healthier and stronger and really appreciate all that she has done to help me."

Masage for Athletes

Are you a CrossFit Junkie, Cyclist, Functional Trainer, Swimmer, Tennis Player Runner or Yogi?

Athletic Neurosomatic Structural Massage

Leta Woloshuk LMT

New Client 115.00
60 Min 85.00
90 Min. 125.00

Functional Flexibility and Strength Training
New Client 115.00
60 Min 85.00
90 Min 125.00

Cross Training, Cycling, Swimming, Tennis, Running, Yoga you name it. Consistently pushing your body to its fullest potential can lead to pain or injury if your posture is not neutral, mobile and balanced. The extra stress of these activities can cause undo soreness and lack of mobility that may lead to injury. An imbalance in the muscle strength or length on either side of a joint will cause it to track incorrectly. When this happens other muscle begins to compensate and fire to assist causing friction on ligament tendons bursa sacks and eventually bone.

Your knee pain or shoulder pain may be alleviated by a few strategic applications of soft tissue manipulation.

Your structural therapist will evaluate what muscles are involved in your area of pain using Posturology measurements, mobility tests and taking a detailed assessment. Then, Explain to you why you are hurting, address these muscles and connective tissues specifically to create change. Relief can range from increased mobility to complete pain relief. We treat clients that day “I’ve been to see everyone”.....that have avoided surgery all together, have been more prepared for a healthy healing from a surgery or have improved and decreased the healing time after a surgery.

You will feel begin to feel relief in just 1 to 3 sessions.

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Cancellation Policy-30 Hour Notice of cancellation of your appointment is necessary to avoid being charged the full price of your visit.



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